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Astrotech Corporation
is a leading provider of commercial space products and services.  We provide spacecraft payload processing and government services, design and manufacture space hardware, and commercialize space technologies for Earth based applications. Astrotech Corporation is home to a talented and satisfied workforce representing a multitude of professional career disciplines. 

Astrotech Space Operations (ASO) has been a global satellite processing leader since 1981. With over 300 successful spacecraft missions to date, Astrotech continues to provide adaptable and flexible services for its government and commercial customers.  ASO provides all support necessary for successful spacecraft processing to prepare for launch on a variety of domestic and foreign launch vehicles. Spacecraft undergo pre-launch hardware integration and testing, satellite encapsulation, and fueling before transport to the pad.  At the forefront of the commercial space industry, ASO currently enjoys over 90 percent of the domestic satellite service market.

1st Detect was formed by Astrotech Corporation to commercialize miniature mass spectrometer technology developed for the International Space Station (ISS). The company quickly realized the commercial utility of such a device and began parallel development of a terrestrial unit to be deployed in the security, healthcare, and industrial markets. Leveraging the parent company's 25 year heritage of developing high performance, lightweight ruggedized systems for the space program, 1st Detect has been able to revolutionize the mass spectrometer industry by offering the same performance as laboratory instruments, but at a price and in a form factor similar to today's handheld detectors.

Astrotech Corporation is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and is committed to the highest ethical standards.  We are always interested in hearing from talented individuals that can contribute to the success of our company.  We invite you to explore Astrotech and all that this pioneering company has to offer:

  • An exciting career on the cutting edge of discovery and space exploration
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Competitive salaries and benefits

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